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The Animal Training Gold Standard

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

So your pet has committed his last crime. You have had it and are ready to call for help. You have watched all of the TV shows with the pro's coming to the rescue and curing even the most messed up pets. Many feel hiring a professional like on TV is shooting to high, after all these are celebrity trainers. You will settle for someone that can simply promise to fix your problem. What if we told you the pro's are in your neighborhood? You just have to know what method you would like to learn.

The animal training industry is changing at rapid speed and there are many choices out there. Positive reinforcement through games are the new kid on the block and negative reinforcement through dominance theory and adversive tools are slowly leaving the building. The definition of negative reinforcement is something uncomfortable or unpleasant that is removed when the desired behavior is offered. I say slowly, because it works. You can absolutely get results,, but in the end the results are not actually the same.

For example, negative reinforcement:

-Owner throws ball.

-Dog runs after ball.

-Owner calls dog.

-Dog runs other way.

-Owner shocks or vibrates collar till dog walks toward owner.

- Dog walks toward owner, shock or vibration stops.

Result: Dog responded to remove something unpleasant or uncomfortable. Dog did not choose owner over toy. Who wants to play this game? No one.

Positive reinforcement example:

-Owner throws ball.

-Dog runs after ball.

-Owner yells game word they have played, let's say "Squirrel" and runs in opposite direction.

-Dog runs after owner and he catches up the owner whips out tug toy and plays.

Result: Dog chooses to chase down owner and play game over playing alone.

Teaching your dog through games leads to a secure, confident best friend. Games can teach: Crate training, housebreaking, recalls and so much more. Allowing your dog to practice critical thinking and rewarding good choices will open the door to possibilities you did not think possible. Having a relationship with your dog where they are rewarded for making good choices through their life, will only lead to more good choices. It is that easy.

You may think you have the whammy of all unwelcomed behaviors, but if you work with a professional that embraces building confidence in your pet through teaching you to have a deliberate relationship, rewarding what you would like to see again and teaching through games, you will have the best friend you envisioned. It will build harmony in your home and build the co-pilot of your dreams.

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