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Natural Flea Control That Works

“That Works!” is the key to the title. There are many natural remedies for flea eradication out there, but unfortunately not many of them work. I have been struggling with a solution for over two decades and have finally found an arsenal that I recommend. Is it going to be a quick fix? Absolutely not. Is it going to work? Yes! Are you going to have to use toxic chemicals? Nope.

Not everyone’s situation is the same. Some have senior pets, ill pets, pets that live in an area that is hot and dry, and so on. You need a solution tailored to meet your families’ needs. To be successful you must first be educated. Fleas are a parasite. They infest their host and are relentless. You are going to have to be diligent to rid your pet and home of them. Here is the attack that I highly recommend. Pick what sings to you. Choose from nutrition, bathing, cleaning and our favorite, essential oils that fleas hate!


Fleas are a parasite and they target the weak. In the words of Hippocrates, “Let food be thy medicine.” Now this is going to be controversial, but we recommend a raw diet. It is the natural diet for canines. I have had the pleasure of working at the zoo and we never fed our wolves’ kibble. They ate raw food and were healthy without any digestion issues or skin conditions. If you will not feed raw, feed a premium food that is nutritious for your pet. We recommend reviewing this list.

Diatomaceous Earth

Sprinkle your home with diatomaceous earth. On your rugs, carpet, baseboard under furniture, in your couch, etc. It should look like it snowed. Leave over night and then vacuum thoroughly and throw away the bag. You should do this at least twice a year.


Give your dog a seriously thorough bath. Remove all fleas and flea dirt. Ahhhhhh, relief. Your dog will thank you. After their bath, comb them out with a flea comb to be sure that fleas are gone. Also, go and clean all of your pets bedding and change your sheets.


There are natural essential If you have a yard, here is a little trick I know you will love. Buy a hose attachment for feeding your lawn, like Miracle Grow, and fill it with a few drops of Wintergreen essential oil and water. We recommend Young Living Essential Oils. Using a brand that is not therapeutic grade can lead to poor results. Spray down your lawn. Waa-laa, fleas hate your yard and go to live at your neighbors. Do this once a week.


This has two steps. First step is to spot treat with Purification. Purification is a Young Living essential oil that repels pests. You can use it for multiple uses, but in this case we are targeting fleas. You will place a drop between your dog’s shoulders blades and on the base of their tail. Then you will put a drop on the palm of your hands, rub your hands together, and rub down your dog all over. Trust me this step works.

Second, follow directions on bottle of Repel-Aroma. This is also a Young Living blend essential oil. Spray down your pet. I also spray their collar. This keeps fleas off their head and neck, where they are prone to hide.

Only you know how often you will need to do these steps. At the beginning you may need to bathe, vacuum, and do the topical treatments daily till you hit the point that you have them under control. Once under control, I recommend topical Purification twice a week and spray daily during the summer. Once the hot season is over, you can adjust the schedule.

Remember fleas are a successful parasite and they are relentless. You will have to be equally vigilant to rid your pet and home these nasty pests. Not using toxic chemicals is possible if you use the right products and a realistic approach. It’s not easy, but you will have the peace of mind of not poisoning your pet to control fleas.

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