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When Should You Call A Dog Trainer?

"Do you think we should call a trainer?". This is a common question that people ask and sometimes too late. We say late because when our phone rings or our email bings it is because a crime has been committed. The final designer handbag has been chewed. The last poop has been left under the dining room table. The person on the other end is frustrated, angry and feels helpless. Too many times we hear "You are our last resort. If you can't solve this, we are giving up". For trainers, there are always solutions, but is there enough time, true intent to fix the problem, or has the person already given up?

Why do people wait so long to ask for help? Pride, expense or even effort are just a few reasons. Many don't realize that help has many options. If you are busy, you can schedule a home visit on your own time. If you want to cut expense, group classes are the way to go! If you don't want either but still want low cost one-on-one attention there is now online Skype or email memberships available. If you are a DIY'er, there are amazing books like "Great Dogs, Great Owners" by Brian Killcommons. This book is valuable resource that should be sent home with every dog adopted. It's a classic that will help troubleshoot most problems that you might encounter from housebreaking to thieving food off counters.

So "yes", you should reach out to a trainer and do this anytime you feel you need help. This professional should be able to guide you to the option that fit your lifestyle. Know it is never to late or early to start, should be fun and bring harmony to your home. Today the options are endless and at Wildside Unlimited we can guide to the solution that will fit your family.

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