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Care Options for the Aging and Special Needs Pet - A New Age of Pet Professionals

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

The pet care industry is constantly growing. It brings luxury designer dog carriers, rhinestone cat collars, and comfy Tempur-Pedic beds for our new or old best friends. We are eating healthier and demand healthier food choices for our pets. Instead of leaving your dog at home, there are classes to exercise together. Pet caretakers are demanding options and in return a new age of professionals is developing to meet their needs.

The medical industry has also taken leaps and bounds on expanding our pet’s lives and with living longer comes the responsibility of learning to care for aging pet’s. As pets grow older they experience trouble walking, hearing, seeing or are living medically compromised. Understanding there are professional's to help, people are opening their homes and hearts to special needs animals with an understanding that they can live long lives. Today, help from the in-home pet care expert is available.

No longer is the statement true, “Can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. That is exactly what these gold standard professionals are doing. When animals are aging these experienced caretakers are there ready to educate the pet owner of the vast possibilities. At Wildside Unlimited, when working with families our first responsibility is bringing hope back to the family through a team of experts that create a routine that meets their lifestyle. Aiding in training your pet to use a ramp, a wheelchair, pet sit reliably while you are away, and even take your dog for a long relaxing swim, are just a few services that are now available.

When pet owners leave veterinary hospitals with medication and prescribed treatments,


it's easy to feel overwhelmed. A trainer that can come to your home and help you medicate or treat your pet can lower stress and is heaven sent. Teaching cat owners how to apply prescribed IV fluids is now possible. No longer are families alone to feel anxious and scared when they need help.

If you are looking for an animal training and care professional, ask your veterinarian for a recommendation. Make sure the person you hire is compassionate and dedicated to assist you and your family. Hiring the teen neighbor to care for your pet while you are away is not the only option anymore. Now there is the gold standard – the pet care expert.

Written by Elaine Reiter


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